The responsibilities of a Certified Nursing Assistant will vary. Depending on where you work, the duties are different. A CNA working inside a hospital will have various duties compared to one working in a private clinic.  Nursing home jobs will also require other skills from a CNA. What’s common among CNA jobs is that they all require a certain amount of exertion and physical strength. You may also need to stay up nights if your reliever does not come on time.

One of the duties of a CNA is to adopt a routine for himself and the patient, in accordance with directions given by a registered nurse or physician. They may also have other responsibilities according to the needs of patients or residents. Technical aptitude is needed for the operation of medical devices that may be required for a patient’s recovery. A CNA may need to be patient because he is dealing with someone who may be in pain. A CNA needs to earn the respect of the patients in order to get them to cooperate. CNA duties include fundamental daily care of a patient, providing assistance where needed.

To be a qualified CNA, you must take the responsibilities seriously. You also need to get the appropriate training to read and record the patient’s vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, respiratory rate and temperature). A patient may or may not be able to gauge his level of pain, so it’s up to you to read the signs and report the results to the doctor. You may also need to monitor what the patient eats, especially if the disease the patient has is related with nutrition, like diabetes or eating disorders.

In terms of hierarchy, nurse assistants are beneath doctors and nurses, but this should not mean the job of a CNA is less important. As a CNA, you become the right arm of a nurse or a doctor and you should be able to execute all the needed processes perfectly. Reporting everything that happens in a day to your supervisor is a part of the job.

CNA’s are required to become more persistent and consistent. He needs to be well rounded to handle any situation and get along with any type of person. They need to be meticulous, responsible, punctual, conscious of the patient’s needs and most of all, dependable.

Here are some of the details of CNA responsibilities:

* Helps in bathing and feeding the patient, as well as with related procedures that lead to the restoration of normal function more rapidly. He should be able to adapt his schedule to help with rehabilitating the patient.
* Assists nurses in lifting, carrying and turning patients. Will also need to help with restraining disoriented patients or those that try to resist processes like injections, feeding and taking medication. This is especially true if the CNA works in a drug rehabilitation facility where most of the residents are under various phases of withdrawal.
* Helps keep the peace inside the room by regulating the number of visitors and the frequency of visits.
* Helps professional nursing personnel in the creation of a regular routine for the patient.

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