Technical abilities are surely needed to be a certified nursing assistant, but you need something else to deal with the competition of finding jobs. Most interviewers detect the tell tale signs of academic as well as hands-on skill. In your training class you will find out all about the tasks you have to do as a CNA, but the traits that you will develop through training will be up to you. There are various personality traits that a good CNA candidate must have to be able to do the job well. A nursing assistant will always be around people, some of whom are gravely sick. A CNA  ought to be able to perform obligations effectively, and provide the best care possible.

One important trait you must possess is a meticulous attitude. This starts by becoming more organized in terms of your schedule and the way you make your rounds. You should know at all times which medication should be taken at what time of the day. If you can do this, you will establish yourself as a  dependable and reliable employee who will always put the patients’ condition on top of everything. Patients and employers can sense this in a person. Don’t look too shabby when you come in for an interview and always practice all the necessary precautions regardless if you’re on the job or you’re still a student. Being sloppy is habit forming so you should always be meticulous.

Being thorough especially when it comes to patient care means your patients have a better chance of getting well quickly. You will be cleaning your patient’s body, changing the dressing on wounds and putting on new bed covers daily. You will be able to improve the comfort of your patients through these means. Good hygiene will also improve the sanitation of your patients, enabling them to be rid of bacteria and recover fast. This is particularly important for your own protection. You may be handling someone with a communicable disease so you have to always be meticulous with cleanliness.

Patience with the people you interact with is essential if you want to be an effective Certified Nursing Assistant. The job is to help sick people, and these people are usually unable to take care of menial chores. You will help them go to the bathroom and also clean themselves. You will also be in charge of reminding them about the medicines they need to take every after meals.

Patience may not be a quality that you already have, but with enough training, you will soon develop this. If you want to improve at your job as a certified nursing assistant, you should understand the patient more. Some patients are in pain all the time so you should not feel affronted if they take it out on you. Just bear in mind that the sooner you help them, the better they will feel.

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