Most CNA jobs happen at the hospital.  Since certified nurse assistants cannot practice alone unlike registered nurses, they have a much limited choices in where they could work. Not all institutions which need a nurse will also need a nurse assistant. Although there are some CNA jobs available outside the hospitals, they are few compared to what jobs nurses can get.

Even if there are not many available CNA jobs available outside the hospitals, the CNA jobs inside will be sufficient enough for some to be busy with things to do every day. It is the nurse assistant’s job to observe what is happening to the patient. They will regularly take vital sign test to the patient and report their condition to their supervising nurse. Another CNA job in the hospital is to take care of the patient’s basic needs. They must change the bedding so that the patient will always be resting in clean sheets, they must check and empty the catheter regularly, and ensure that patient is clean by providing sponge baths and nail clipping. Assisting the patient will also be one of the primary CNA jobs the nurse assistants have to do in a hospital. They must assist the patients who are bedridden to turn in their bed, they must assist and transport the patient in going to the therapy room, they must also assist patients in eating and making sure that medicines and supplements are administered at the right time.

All these jobs are quite similar to what registered nurses usually do. The CNA jobs are what nurses do, but not all nurse jobs can be done by a nurse assistant. CNAs are not nurses, they do some basic nursing jobs but they cannot do advanced ones. Some people often confuse CNA with LPN; even saying that LPNs are just glorified CNAs. The truth is LPNs are considered nurses and are able to do most registered nurse jobs while CNA are only limited to CNA jobs.

Different states will have different CNA jobs. Some States only allow CNAs to work in hospitals and there are some States them to work at clinics or other institutions. Some States give more freedom at what CNAs can do. Some CNAs are allowed to practice as a medical aide provided that they have training. And there are also some States that are very strict with what CNAs can do.

CNA jobs are not easy. It demands a lot of strength, patience, and hard work. They often do the work which other medical staff find undesirable. While they are considered as members of the medical field, they are not considered as nurses. Depending on which State they work are the available CNA jobs opportunities for them. Compared to other medical field CNA jobs are the least paying job. Most CNAs upgrade their degrees once they have saved enough to afford taking higher nursing programs. CNAs are important in a hospital; they do things that others would not want. Even considering how simple the CNA jobs might be to some, they are still part of what make hospitals work.

Today everybody is in search of a secure career and wants to have job satisfaction with good remuneration. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) career is noble, secured and has universal demand. If you have a helping nature, are capable of judging correctly, extrovert with good communication skills and sense of humor, energetic with physical fitness, and have self-control under critical circumstances the Job CNA is best suited for you. Without a second thought you can choose this job for building your career. CNA classes are there to give training to become a Certified Nursing Assistant.

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is to help patients in clinics, hospitals nursing homes, and resident health assistance. They can take up private duty and in the offices of the doctors. The skills that are important to become a CNA includes knowledge of basic physiology and anatomy, communication and observation skills, familiar with medical terms, cautious in safety measurements, follow the process  of disease, maintenance of proper control of the infection and the awareness of the federal medical guidelines and patient’s rights.

The duties of CNAs are mainly near the patient‘s bedside and they work under a certified nurse. They have to assist patients in all their needs. They must take care of patient’s personal hygiene helping them in bathing, changing dresses and feeding them if they are in need of help. They are supposed to interact with patients intimately and help in expressing their problems to the nurse or doctor. The CNA helps the nurses in handling the medical equipment and does the housekeeping duties. To become a CNA class room training is important.

A 6 to 12 week program provides you the CNA classroom training completely for your certification exam. Health care facilities or authorized community colleges conduct the classes for CNA Certification program. Before joining this class you must make sure that you will get help in receiving your certified nursing assistant certification. From the state CNA registry or from the National league for Nursing Accredited Commission you can check   your selected program’s recognition.

The health care center or CNA training college provides you the required environment to learn.  The class room training is given with a clinical setting. Free training you can have in a nursing home or hospital and for that you are expected to sign a contract for continuing your work in their concern for a limited period of time after the completion of the training. The free training you can choose if you are comfortable with their terms and conditions. The Annual salary for a CNA varies from $20,600 to $34,580.

After completion of your training program you are eligible for taking the written examination for getting the certification. The exams and requirements for certification differ between states. The syllabus for this exam is infection control, nutrition, physiology and anatomy knowledge and basic nursing capability. CNA classes and CNA Certification is very important to build a bright career as a Certified Nursing Assistant. CNA’s can proceed to be registered nurses.

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