Many people think that wrapping bandages and dressing wounds can be done by just anyone. In a non-professional setting, this may be correct. But hospitals and care homes hire only the most qualified professionals to do these seemingly simple tasks. This is because these tasks are only a small part of what a professional care provider does. The other tasks include setting up the IV, administering medication, suturing and assisting with minor operations. These complex tasks cannot be delegated to someone who isn’t skilled in this respect.

Individuals who want a rewarding health care career have many options. They can get a college course related with medicine, like nursing. They can also get CNA training. Some training programs are extensive and may require a few years of study. There are other programs that require only less than 100 hours to complete. In any case, as long as the program is given by an accredited institution, a graduate can get the best course he needs to start a career in health care.

Nursing aide training graduates that want to be hired by top hospitals should get certification fast. Why is certification important? The fact that you are certified will set you apart from the rest of the pack. Because the certification really weeds out those that don’t have the necessary skills, being certified would tell your future employers that you’re with the cream of the crop.

As far as CNA salary is concerned, it’s not much higher for certified practitioners. It’s just that many employers would rather boast of a roster of certified members. In fact, there are some states that require certification before being hired in a big hospital. If you don’t pass the test, you can still work as long as certification is not a requirement. Besides, you can always re-take the test. Some hospitals give incentives for their workers to take the certification test, so this should be a big bonus for you.

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