Medical, Nursing and Teaching are all noble professions. Medical and Nursing professionals are our health care takers. In fact we don’t want to become ill and go for hospitalization. Some time in our life we may need it. Doctors are there to help us in diagnosing our disease and giving medication. But it is the trained nurses who are in full charge of our needs like giving medicines, taking blood pressure, cleaning wounds and bandaging and other tasks. A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is the person who is assisting the patients, senior citizens and senior registered nurses in their work. Whatever we want to do, training is important for doing the work perfectly. CNA Training is important to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant.

The main duty of a CNA is to help the patients who are under treatment in hospitals and nursing homes. They are also expected to help the patients who are in private residence. There is wide demand for CNAs. Their duty differs according to their job environments like nursing homes, hospitals and individual residences. They mainly work under a certified nurse assisting and sharing her work with every patient. To give moral support to the patients for their speedy recovery the CNA must have self-control and be considerate. In a nursing home the duty of a CNA involves around taking care of geriatric patients (Old Age).  A patient may be there in the nursing home for longer duration and CNAs are their main care takers. The interaction of a CNA with patient must be positive and caring.

In hospitals their duties include helping patients in feeding, bathing and clothing, taking note of essential symptoms of the patients and recording their conditions. They also help in transporting the patients. They must be calm and quiet at emergency situations and always alert to report about patients’ change in conditions. The CNAs are also known as nurse’s sides, orderlies and patient care technicians.

The CNA training programs are available online and it is the simplest way for entering the health care field. The training programs vary between states and the duties of the CNAs also vary according to their working locations. The core training is given in basic skills to become a CNA and instructions about taking care of the patients. The training includes work like taking note of the important symptoms, feeding, bathing, helping patients to move, ambulance assistance, general hygiene, turning the patients in bed and giving other comforts like heeding to the patients’ needs and concern about them. Training is also given for first aide, nutrition and basic physiotherapy.

There are other options for CNA training in that you can have the training in campus. Those who can’t afford to take a CNA Training online can take training in campus and get paid. Sometimes they may get free training after signing a contract to serve the campus for a certain period of time after completion. The basic qualification required for this CNA Training is that you must be a high school diploma holder or an equivalent education. Your age must be eighteen years. They check for drug addiction and criminal background for admission.

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