There are many professions that provide you a chance of earning good a good salary along with providing you with job satisfaction. One such health related profession is the CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant) job. The prime responsibility of a CNA is to provide health care basic facilities to their patients under the guided supervision of a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or a Registered Nurse (RN). Normally a CNA is required to bath, feed, move, groom and change a patient though the duties are not limited to these tasks only and occasionally other related duties may also be added as changing the sheets of a patient’s bed, etc. The job of a CNA may not be very appealing but the CNA salary is undoubtedly very appealing and as you gather more experience the pay rises as well.

The starting point of salary of a CNA is from $19,000 initially for any entry level position, to a staggering $36,000 for experienced CNA’s and these are only the basic salaries as some hospitals and health care facilities offer special bonuses so as to attract CNAs to work for them. The good thing about the profession is that since it is health related its demand is not going to die out in fact it will increase as the old age population increases and long term health facilities are needed.

The salary of entry level CNA’s range in between $19,000 to $29,000 and this difference is influenced by different factors that are discussed below. The pay of an entry level CNA is normally hour based and an amount of $10 to $12 per hour is paid initially to a new CNA. The factors that affect the salaries of CNA’s include:

Per Hour Salary

The amount received by an entry level Certified Nurse Assistant on an hourly basis varies in between $10 to $20 and based on it the accumulated salary of a CNA is determined. This is an appealing amount for a new starter especially since you start receiving this amount straight after you complete the training program of a four week to a year’s duration including internship. Also there is no specific merit requirement for the course and simply by pursuing the certificate course you can instantly start earning money.

Different Regions and States

After you complete the course you will come to notice and not all your friends earn the same amount. This is due to the different region or state they are located in. Due to increased demand of your services or owing to urgency some states may offer a higher pay scale as compared to other states. An example can be stated as any CNA who is appointed at a New York facility may earn in between $21,000 to $35,000 whereas another fresh CNA may be earning $19,000 to $33,000 in Florida. The initial salary received by an entry level CNA depends on the available vacancy in accordance to the state it is available in.

Experience in the Field

Another very important factor in determining the CNA salary is the working experience of the individual. The more experienced you are the more you earn in this field. An individual who is an intermediate and has an experience of three years in the field may earn up to $20,000 annually whereas a five year experienced individual may be earning $33,000 annually. Also a CNA can increase his or her income through other certifications that are pursued during the job as they add up to your profile and increase your worth even more.

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