One of the main reasons why a person would train for a very specialized job is to earn more. This is the case for individuals that take up nursing aide training. Nursing aide training is extensive enough for an individual to work in a big hospital after he passes the certification examination. The certification examination is a way for hospitals and other health institutions to measure a potential employee’s capability on the job.

The salary that a CNA will get depends on several factors, the first of which is the setting of employment. Big hospitals can afford to pay more. There are some small clinics that can only pay the basic, which is approximately twenty-five thousand a year. But it gets better. The more experience a person has in this job, the better the pay.

Comparing a Certified Nursing Assistant’s salary to that of a regular nurse is common. Many people decide to take up nursing because it is more lucrative. But a CNA training program is not as long as a nursing course. There are also benefits to consider when a CNA is hired. Some benefits include growing your career in a field that will never die out. In a sense, you’re recession-proof because there will always be a job that is available to you.

A CNA can reach an annual income of thirty four thousand dollars. Again, the maximum salary also depends mainly on the setting. Nursing homes for elite patients pay their CNAs a rate that can be comparable with that given by big hospitals. Urban hospitals and care homes also offer better compensation compared to rural settings.

CNAs usually work together with personal trainers, doctors and other nurses. They are expected to do the legwork, which includes bathing the patients and taking their vital stats every hour. They can also administer medication under the stringent supervision of a doctor.

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