Everything seems to be going strong for nurses nowadays. There are so many opportunities for registered nurses. But those who don’t take up nursing as a four-year course still have opportunities to work in the same function. Possibly, it’s the way people can learn more about the job of nurses. It’s a way to get their feet wet, so to speak. But others are taking CNA jobs because this is a stepping stone to better jobs in other states. Training and experience as CNA can land you a good job in a high-standard hospital.

Some people decide to begin with CNA if they want a career in healthcare. Unlike the nurse’s job, however, the training of a CNA is very minimal. Those who complete this kind of training can qualify for employment once they pass the certification exam. The goal of advancing a career as a nursing aide is simple, to pass the exam and successfully use your skills as a nursing aide in a healthcare facility. While employed, some students decide to continue their education by taking up the 4-year nursing course.

A CNA job will involve providing basic care for patients in the hospital or those in care homes. A nursing aide is essentially a caregiver, and can work freelance. Other terms for a certified nursing aide are personal care attendant and caregivers. Some wealthy families employ CNA passers to take care of an invalid member of the family. Some work in a bigger setting, like hotels for guests with disabilities. Mentally retarded adults living in a care home specifically need CNAs for their basic function. Some of the jobs may include bathing, dressing wounds and setting up a nutritious meal.

In a hospital, a CNA is an assistant for the nurse. They may be the ones that answer patients’ calls and check on ward patients regularly. They are also in charge of recording of the food intake of the patient. Better skills will grant more responsibilities, as is the case for CNA workers who know how to check vital signals and set up an IV drip.

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