Ever since nursing aide became a widely sought after course, there has been an influx of nursing aides coming from all over the world. Competition has become more intense. Hospitals and clinics that hire aides to assist their senior nurses are now closing their recruitment because of the influx of workers. There are still a lot of positions left, depending on your state. What can you do to have an edge in the current health care hiring situation? One of the best ways is to take up further studies while working as an aide. Another way is to get certification.

Certified nursing aides have better chances of landing a job. It’s that simple. In fact, many states wouldn’t hire uncertified nursing aides. CNA can be the first step to entering the employment scene.
What are the basics of CNA? You should complete the requirements, including a training program approved by the state. You should also pass the certification test.

A CNA training program consists of academic and practical courses. You will need to attend classroom lectures and laboratory work. This kind of training is state specific, and it could last for a few months to a year. What you must do is complete 75 to 150 hours. Classroom learning is based on a specific syllabus, which will introduce the trainee to basic nursing theories. But learning about the theories will not make a person better at handling patients. For this, you need hands on training.

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The CNA test is designed to examine a candidate’s competency in various aspects of nursing. Assessment will prove that the candidate is competent enough to take care of sick individuals in hospitals and other medical facilities. The contents of the test have been approved by the state board of nursing and other agencies.

CNA examiners are challenged to pass two aspects of the examination, such as the written and clinical test.  In two hours, candidates should answer over seventy multiple choice questions on nursing processes and other concepts. For the practical test, a volunteer or a model is used. A candidate must be able to demonstrate five skills within the time frame (less than an hour). Seventy-five percent is the passing rate.  If the candidate fails either one of the segments (or both), he is disqualified and has to re-take the test when it is offered again.

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